Monday, December 3, 2012

Acai Berry - Where to Buy Acai Berries

The hip new taste in Rio health stores, juice bars and hot spots is Acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry juice and smoothies. But where can you buy Acai berry? Unfortunately this health giving berry perishes very quickly after it has been harvested. It is a small, deep purple colored berry that is mostly seed, that grows on a special palm tree found only in the Amazon rainforests.
Acai powder is quite difficult to find because it is so perishable but there are a few Network marketing companies do manufacture this. It is also possible to find Acai Berry powder or frozen Acai at up-market health food stores, but you should try to find a naturally extracted product. Acai berry products are also found at online stores and many of these products are from reputable sources, but also make sure that the product you order is from a natural source.
Acai has been researched and found to be one of the top ten foodstuffs available in the world today. It is a complete solution to nutrition, digestive and cardio vascular health. Athletes make regular use of Acai berry as it provides a complete solution for energy and is well know to be beneficial for muscle contraction and regeneration.
As this Acai is considered to be one of the Super-foods of the year, where to buy Acai berry should not be a problem in the near future. It is good for virtually everything that Kale is, and tastes a whole lot better. It contains naturally occurring Omega three, six and nine and I packed full of minerals vitamins and nutrients. It is also rich in protein and contains everything to make it a "complete" meal. This makes it perfect as a meal replacement and a fantastic supplement for weight loss and dieting.

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