Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jump Roping is a Great Form of Cardio Exercise

I don't jump rope anymore. But I should start again. Just like anything else that is good for you. Building a habit is key to long term success. Jumping rope is no different.
What I remembered about jumping rope that it was extremely hard. The first time I started, I couldn't jump rope for more then 30 seconds before I was tired.
Jump roping seems like such an easy exercise. When you were little you saw little girls do it. Maybe you use to do it yourself. But boy is it hard when you get older.
Girls tends to have more stamina then guys. Maybe jump roping proves it. Not saying guys don't jump rope, but when you think about jump roping and kids, you think of it as a girl activity.
Jump roping is really hard core. If anyone comes to mind when I think about jump roping, then it has to be Rocky Balboa. When he was training for his fights, he use to jump rope like crazy.
I never realized how difficult it was. I thought I would be able to jump rope for 30 minutes straight with no problem. I couldn't even last 30 seconds!
Other then the fact that I was always messing up at first, being exhausted was one of the key things I noticed.
I kept at however, because Jump Roping is one of the few activities that you can do in the house, that's similar to jogging and you don't have to buy a machine. I believe I got the exercise jump rope at WalMart for $3.
So I made a commitment to jump rope every morning. For 5 minutes. That might not sound like a lot, but if you are a beginner jump roper, it could seem like an eternity.
It's not the exhaustion, it your legs. You will use legs in your muscle that you never knew you had. It well hurt.
But, after a week of doing this. Jump roping for 5 minutes every morning got much easier. Your legs doesn't hurt as much.
I later pushed myself to 6 minutes.
In the morning jump roping really helps raise your heart rate and get you started for the day. It's a great inexpensive cardio exercise you can do literally 1 min after you wake up. It'll help you get out of bet in the morning and ready to start your day.

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