Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Exercises That Build Muscle Fast

There are many reasons why a person would want to build muscle fast. For some people, it is the physical appearance they are after. Other people may want to build muscle fast for a career that requires it, like a firefighter or police officer. Whatever your reason, there are certain exercises that are more effective than others for building muscle.
Free weight exercises are the best possible exercises you can do if you want to build muscle. Machine weights can be great, but there is a limited range of movement so half the work is being done for you. With free weights, you are forced to use your muscles not only to lift the weight, but to keep it in the right position as you go through the exercise. Because of this, free weights are more effective in building muscle mass when compared to machine weights.
Some other great exercises that you should be doing are bench presses, which are great for the shoulders, triceps, and chest. Another good one is the overhead press which also helps build the shoulders and triceps. Bar dips increase muscle mass in the shoulders, arms and chest. Squats are the number one exercise for working out your lower back, legs, and buttocks. Pull ups are amazing when it comes to your shoulders and triceps, and barbell rows will do the same thing.
If you have too much body fat, it is also important to incorporate some cardio into your workout. Treadmill running, jump rope, or aerobics are all great for your heart, and for removing fat from your body.
When you want to build muscle fast, following the above tips will help you get the body you want in minimal time. Remember to always eat healthy and drink plenty of water as you work out.

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