Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Lose 4 Lbs a Month

1. take a deep breath! This will take patience!

2. You are probably eating way more calories a day than you should!! So, all you have to do is cut back.

3. Do not think of it as a diet!! This will fail you! Think of it as a Lifestyle change. You have changed your eating habits.

4. All you have to do is count your calorie intake for the day. Use websites such as to find out your healthy weight and height measurements. I am 5'2 and 145 lbs, so therefor my body needs about 1500 calories a day to lose weight, however, i go beyond those limits. I do not eat anymore than 1200 a day to be safe.

5. You can never count on food labels, so use your digital scale. Read labels. Each label tells you that there are a certain amount of calories in EACH SERVING, but if you don't measure out the meal, then you will not know how many servings are in each container.

6. For Example. A healthy tv dinner says each serving is 320 calories. One serving is 255 grams. well, when you weigh it out the scales tops off at 275. Each gram is 1.25 calories a piece, so if your meal is 275 calories, then your meal is really 345 calories. That's 25 more CALORIES that you did not plan on. THIS ADDS UP!

7. Speaking of adding. WRITE everything down. This will show you your progress.

8. Plan your meals. If you already know when you are going to eat next, then it wont have you thinking about your next meal as much. You already know. There are a million great tasting foods out there that is low in calories.

9. Eat every 3 hours. If you eat every 3 hours your body does not have time to stop digesting your food. This will maintain your metabolism. This is great for people who are not active.

10. Buy a calorie counter. These are $20 at any wal-mart or department store. This will gauge about how much you burn just by walking everyday. Walking to your car, walking to your house, to the fax machine all the way upstairs. If you see your progress it will encourage you.

11. By now, if you count and weigh all of your food. Weigh yourself every other day, in the morning at the same time, NAKED. You will start to see at least a 1 lbs a week coming off.

12. About 8-10 lbs later you will plateau. You will then need to change your calorie intake. Do something different to your eating habits. I recommend one cheat day a week. Eat whatever you want. Starbucks, Mcdonalds, honey buns...anything you want. This will give you something to look forward too!!!

13. Remember, Weigh yourself, write your calories down, count everything!!! I have lost about 33 lbs doing this. Follow all of these steps and you will lose weight. It wont be automatic, but you will feel better and feel good about yourself. Its so easy!!!

14. Being skinny is what everyone wants!! Keep that in mind! You are doing something that most people aren't. You took the first step by reading this article!

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