Sunday, July 29, 2012

Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living A Long & Healthy Life

Today my interest is how we can live a long and healthy life by using a specific lifestyle while having to deal with our daily lives like work, family,relationships, etc. I believe if we follow some rules we can avoid illness in the short, medium and long term.

Today more and more people are health conscious and body conscious, which makes them go and join a gym. They also start eating healthier and start cutting down on bad habits like junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and so on. Today we have access to information with the growth of the internet and specific magazines relating to healthy lifestyles.

But still most people ignore the subject and think they can go on with their unhealthy lifestyle and nothing bad will happen to them until their doctor warns them to stop smoking or drinking or eating rich food or even recreational drugs, otherwise they will die soon with a lot of suffering... sad isn't it?!

    Be aware that people don't speak and don't tell you how bad they feel, they hide their misery, they act and say that they feel good - "I am great!" people like to say! Also you will never know that when you have a wrong lifestyle you are going the wrong way and you become a candidate for health problems. Do I make sense or not?

    A human being is able to live up to 100 years and more if they follow some principles which can become day-to-day habits. Don't accept what we all know about life or don't copy the cool lifestyle from the rich and famous.

    First to avoid illness and second to live a longer life than our grand parents or our parents. Start working on your health and invest in longevity - you will be independent and autonomous at 80 or even 90 and more without relying on your children or your nurse.

    People Create Success:

      They become wealthy, they have friends, spouse or children... they have it all and one day the unthinkable happens, they become sick and their world that was everything for them means nothing.

      Friends, spouse or husband children, even their work which made them successful and interesting people can't help them because nothing in this world is more important than our health, but unfortunately you know it only when you lose it! They have no more interest and their only wish and dream is to erase their illness and to be able to have their lives back where it was when life was great!

      And now they will tell you health is the most important thing in life - nothing in life is worth more than health but sometimes it's too late - they have to take some strong medication that will make them live longer with side effect and they can't have this challenge anymore to live a healthy long life.

Create The Body You Like

My interest in longevity started when I was 15 and training with weights: when I saw some men looking strong and 10 years younger than their age. From this point on I continued to see more and more men and women not only looking stronger and healthier but improving significantly in comparison with those from 30 years ago.

What drives those people to go on with this healthy lifestyle is yet the concern of living a long and productive life: Avoiding illness and sickness but also the good feeling, the good sensation, the happiness, the level of energy and the certainty of doing right instead of wrong, for their health, and the bonus you get from following a bodybuilding lifestyle and the change of your body.

You become a bodybuilder - not anymore a body destroyer or a body-fatter - you have the possibility to create the body you like to have regarding your genetics and dedication. As long as you have the right training, nutrition, supplementation, sleep, and rest you are heading in the right direction to succeed and become a member of life's long challenge!

There is no doubt now that training with weight strengthens your whole body - Some studies show us that a group of people, between the ages of 70-80, obtain positive results which are: an increase in bone density, more strength, more flexibility, more muscle size, and mental alertness. In addition they may also notice they have more energy, vitality and overall well-being. It's very encouraging for the future of the human race to know that we have a solution.

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