Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Add Healthy Things To Your Food

Add good things to your food no matter what you are eating. Just try to counter act it with something healthy for you

1 Fruits can be prepared in so many different dishes, whether that be in the main course or desserts.

If you have to have a bowl of ice cream, why not add bananas to it. It taste great and at least you will not just be eating ice cream.

Protein shakes are also a good substitute for regular shakes. They may not taste AS good, but they are still better for you and hopefully kill that sweet tooth.

Chocolate fondues are great place to add fruit as well. Dip banana's, strawberry's, cherry's, etc into the fondue.

Any candy or sweet you feel like you have to have, why not get the low fat version. Most ice cream offers a less fat version of the original. They are still tasty and because it has less fat, you can eat even more.

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