Saturday, September 15, 2012

Powerful Anti-Aging Secrets!

Many people have searched the world over looking for the fountain of youth. We all long for eternal beauty, free of wrinkles or the sagging of age. To answer this yearning, the market has been bombarded with creams and serums boasting the secrets of anti aging. Anti aging has become a market in itself and we have answered the call, purchasing our fill or at least the fill of our pocketbooks! However, perhaps the answer does not lie in a miracle lotion or cream, but in the life we live before we reach our advanced years.
Do not misunderstand, I am not suggesting we will forever be free from wrinkles if we live properly – at some point our skin will sag and we will show our age. Instead, I am suggesting our society is always looking for the quick fixes. To lose weight, we look for a miracle pill instead of eating right and exercising. On the same note, instead of eating properly and caring for ourselves, we look for the easy way out – something to rub on our faces to remove the evidence of the life we have chosen to live, or even worse, surgery to cut away and stretch out the skin we have chosen to disregard for so long.
On the other hand, why don’t we accept the creases that line our faces as trophies we have earned with the years we have endured on this Earth? Why is the exploration in search of anti aging so much more popular than the search for self-acceptance?
At the end of the day, when our eyes close for the final time, will it matter how many wrinkles line our faces, how tight our stomach muscles are, or the amount of gray in our hair? Will the pursuit of anti aging be a factor when age ceases to exist? Of course not. Perhaps we should spend our lives pursuing something that may actually proceeds us in death, instead of that which fades with lost memories.

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