Friday, September 21, 2012

Using Aerobics For Better Abs

The fact is that we all think doing crunches will decrease that stomach fat. With the warmer weather just around the corner, we all start to look at our bellies. It seems that aerobics are a good way to burn that fat because you are working so hard that your body will be using those fat reserves for energy. You actually need to incorporate aerobic exercise a couple of times a week for success. This would include walking, dancing, cycling, rowing, or swimming for at least 30 minutes. Aerobics work by increasing oxygen to the muscles and allows them to work longer. The best aerobic exercise for losing that stomach fat is walking. If you can walk at a pace to work up a sweat, then you are on your way to a flatter stomach.
Remember to give your abs a rest. You should not be working your abs every day because they need time to repair. Your muscles actually get micro tears when you work them so every other day is sufficient and safe. The abs are hard to work because it takes a lot of effort to actually move them. They bulge when they are relaxed and stretch thin when flexed. The term "core" is used to describe that middle section of your body. A good way to incorporate a workout is to use a fitness ball. Along with working out and aerobic exercise you should eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.
One thing to remember when working out is to not overdue it. Here are some tips:
-You should be able to talk and exercise at the same time.
-However, if you can sing, you need to work a little bit harder.
You can monitor your heart rate and try to reach your targeted range. As you continue to work out, your heart rate should decrease, meaning you are getting in shape!
So I hope we have learned that it takes more than repetitive crunches to get a flatter stomach. You actually have to incorporate some aerobic exercises into your regular routine. Aerobic exercises will target those specific areas of fat and use them up, thus decreasing your body fat. It is even harder for women because so many things can affect their abdominal region, including hormones. Hopefully, if you follow some simple tips and incorporate aerobics into your workout, you will find that you can shrink that pouch around your stomach area.

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