Monday, October 8, 2012

Set Goals to Be Successful

Successful people always have goals that are measurable. They made the decision when they wish to achieve their goals. Have you seen any sports star who is successful without goals? In the business world also it is necessary to set goals, and people who fail have no definite goals to follow.
Let us take a closer look at how wheat is separated from the chaff. Everyday I meet many people who are trying to be successful in some way or the other. I can now easily distinguish people who have achieved everything they wanted, from people who are simply stuck some where year after year. So, where is the difference?
The successful people set measurable goals for their activities. What goals you have set for yourself, your business, job, and family that you wish to achieve by the end of 2009? You must have something measurable like a financial objective, education, or to launch your business and so on.
The reason for setting a measurable goal is because your subconscious mind acts on what your conscious mind allows. Creating thoughts of success, good health or something that cannot be measured will not help your subconscious to make it.
So break all the limitations and use your imagination power. Once you list down on paper you will be able to find what you are truly passionate about. Follow this list and do not allow anyone to get in the way what you are dreaming about. The big barrier is having guts to realize your dream. You will meet many people around you who will tell you it is not possible to achieve what you dream, and you start believing in them and then collapse. Remember only you know what is good for you. Take your own responsibility and turn your dreams into reality. Don't allow anyone to steal your dreams.
There would not be any airplanes if Right Brothers did not dream about it. Everything which is newly created is through a person's dream, visions and goals. Today the biggest challenge people face is balancing their finances. So setting financial goal is a best thing to start with.
How to set a measurable goal?
- First have passion for your goal
- Your goal must be measurable
- Mention the date of achieving your goal
- Write down goals in present tense
- Your goal should include health, relationship and finance
- The goal should be so big that you really wouldn't know how to achieve it
The ideal way to start working on your goal is to make 'goal card' that you should read ten times each morning and ten times each night, which will allow you to unite with your dream or goal which you want to achieve. The card should look like this:
By December 31, 2009, I am thankful to God that I earn $5,000 a month, and I am able to spend 3 hours of quality time everyday with my family and friends.
Set your goals, write them in the card and read them everyday. It will keep you on the track. Soon you will be amazed by your achievements. Best of luck. God bless you.

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