Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Start a Biggest Loser Club

Inspired by the contestants on NBC's Biggest Loser, you might want to get in on the action yourself. Invite friends and family to compete in your very own Biggest Loser Club.

Round up friends and family to participate in your Biggest Loser Club. Send a group email, so nobody feels singled out about their weight. Encourage players to get an OK from their doctors before beginning a weight-loss program.

Agree on an amount of money that each participant will contribute to the prize pot. Decide if the total amount will go to one winner at the end of the competition, or be split amongst the first, second and third place players. The group should also determine what an appropriate end date for the competition will be. You may want to take photographs of each player for before and after images.

Select one player's house to host the weekly weigh-ins. The same scale should be used for all weigh-ins throughout the competition. The host should keep a weekly tabulation of the players' weights and calculate each player's percentage of weight loss. If your club coincides with the television program, invite the group over to watch the show, and then weigh in.

Decide if your group will follow an online or popular eating plan, or if each participant will devise his own diet and exercise plan. Your group may decide to use part of the pooled money to hire a nutritionist or personal trainer to meet with the group and advise them on diet and exercise.

Plan a party for the final weigh-in, complete with healthy party treats. Remember to take "after" photos so participants can show off their new slim figures.

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