Friday, August 3, 2012

P90x Nutrition guide Fitness plan

I’m posting this info. for Don who requested it, but it’s a good plan for anyone who’s got the desire to try. The P90X nutrition plan is as follows:

Phase I: Fat Shredder - Days 1-28

Phase II: Energy Booster - Days 29-56

Phase III: Endurance Maximizer - Days 57-90

Body Fat Range Targets

For Men: Fit - 14-17% Athlete - 10-13% Elite Athlete - 4-9%

For Women: Fit - 21-24% Athlete - 16-20% Elite Athlete - 12-15%

Measure Body Fat at start of program and at the end of each phase to measure progress

Determining Your Nutrition Level

1. Calculate your RMR
Your Body Weight x 10 = RMR
2. Calculate your Daily Activity Burn
RMR x 20% = DAB
3. Calculate your Energy Amount

Nutrition Level Chart
EA = 1800-2399 = Level I 1800 calories per day
EA = 2400-2999 = Level II 2400 calories per day
EA = 3000+ = Level III 3000 calories per day

Macronutrient Goals in Each Phase
Phase I - Protein 50%, Carbs 30%, Fat 20%
Phase II - Protein 40%, Carbs 40%, Fat 20%
Phase III - Protein 20%, Carbs 60%, Fat 20%

Customizing the Phases
Phase I - Can be extended if you feel you need to drop more body fat, but still have enough energy to do workouts. Can be shortened if your body fat is already low or you aren’t getting enough energy for workouts.
Phase II - Can be extended if you feel you are doing well in this phase and want to keep going.
Phase III - Optional phase for those who really want to push to the limit. It is recommended, however, that everyone try this phase at some point.


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