Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Quick Guide on the Top Ab Workout Routines

If you have been dreaming of a tighter belly, then check out these three of the top ab workout routines to give you good ideas in planning out your belly slimming program.
Top 3 Routine Workout
Have a 5-day ab workout for 6 weeks, followed by a week's break, then resume. The first week must be for the development of your abdominal region. Concentrate on your top abdominal region and obliques each for 2 days and your lower abdominal region for 1 day. Start off your first day with leg lift crunches and repeat them as many as you could with an interval of 2 minutes after each repetition.
Workout your obliques on the second day by doing a series of 3 oblique crunches sets as you lie on your side, plus another 3 sets of the standing oblique raises plus weights. The third day is your rest period. On the fourth day, start working out your lower abs by having reverse crunches and leg lifts each in three sets. Repeat routines from the first and second days and then rest for a day.
Top 2 Routine Workout
This is a 3-day routine per week plan. Days 2 and 4 in the routine mentioned above are omitted so you need to work out your obliques and upper abdominal muscles on the first and fifth days and lower abdominal muscles on the third day. This has the same procedure as well but you will have to combine the oblique exercise and upper abdomen exercise for days one and five.
Top 1 Routine Workout
This has a fuller routine than the previous 2 workouts. You need to do these for 4 days a week in 6 weeks and then have a break for a full week. On the first day, have a 20-minute jog followed by several oblique crunches. Have a break for a minute and perform the twists with weights or a medicine ball while sitting. Do these sets of exercise 3 times and then slow down with a jog for 5 minutes.
On the second day, jog for 45 minutes then do three sets of the reverse crunch or as many as you can with a break in between. Execute another 3 sets of leg lifts with breaks as well. Day 3 is your rest day but you need a light jog for ten minutes. On day four, commence with a jog for 30 minutes and do 3 sets of the standing oblique raises with weights. Perform a series of sets of sit-ups with oblique crunches as you lie on your side. Have a break then do the set again twice.
Finally, take precaution in following these top ab workout routines according to your physical condition.

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